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    January 15th 2013 - Sussex Scenes
    Farmers Market Shoreham by Sea

    We were recently at Shoreham- by- Seas Local Farmers Market showcasing a selection of framed Sussex Photos, due to its great success we will be back there soon so watch this space.. (View: Photos of No Gallery Specified)

    Farmers Market Shoreham by Sea 1Farmers Market Shoreham by Sea 2Farmers Market Shoreham by Sea 3

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    July 3rd 2012 - Sussex Scenes
    Giant daisy fields on the South Downs

    I recently found a field of giant daisies up on the South Downs. The daisies were quite compact and resulted in a beautiful sea of white. I haven seen this many condensed in to one field before but it looked stunning. (View: Photos of Daisy Fields)

    Giant daisy fields on the South Downs 1Giant daisy fields on the South Downs 2Giant daisy fields on the South Downs 3

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    May 14th 2012 - Sussex Scenes
    Oil Seed Fields Across Sussex

    Its May time again which means sussex is full of vibrant bright yellow fields. These oil seed (rape seed) fields make a stunning location for a great sunset. Attached are a few from the south downs recently (View: Photos of Fields of Yellow)

    Oil Seed Fields Across Sussex 1Oil Seed Fields Across Sussex 2Oil Seed Fields Across Sussex 3

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    May 2nd 2012 - Gallery Additions
    The Beauty of India

    I have just returned back from a trip to India. The culture and lifestyle was fasanating to see. I was fortunate enough to get to visit the Taj Mahal from both the main entrance and also see it during sunset across the Yamuna River. The lighting in India is beautiful and made for some great sunsets. (View: Photos of India)

    The Beauty of India 1The Beauty of India 2The Beauty of India 3

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    Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 4 5 6 7 >>

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